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Storm Chaser / Ham Operator

Dustin Cox, N0DRC
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Welcome to the Amateur Radio/Skywarn page of Dustin Cox, N0DRC, in Colorado.

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I am glad you have stopped by to check out my page. Here is a little bit about my site; on the pages listed above you will find information about Ham Radio, Skywarn, Emergency Communications, and much, much more. I keep all the information as up to date as possible using all the resources available. Information on these pages are for educational purposes. I have been in storm spotting and chasing for most of my life. I started when I was real young and have always had a interest in severe weather. My first tornado that I chased almost dropped on top of me while in route to a local air field. I am currently serving as the Executive Assistant for the Associated Students Government at Colorado State University Pueblo where I am currently studying Athletic Training.

Current Convective Outlook

Chase Info:
In this section I will post when I am out chasing and where my target area is. If you have any questions for me please feel free to contact me on my media phone at 719-422-3722.

LIVE VIDEO - Not for rebroadcast without permission.

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GRLevel III NEXRAD Radar now available!
This Level III Radar shows the location in which I am currently looking at. This display will show exactly what is on radar at the time when I am looking at it.

DISCLAIMER: Storm spotting/chasing has the potential to be a life threatening activity. The material presented here is for educational purposes only. You are strongly suggested to contact someone in your area about getting official SKYWARN training and riding along with someone with spotting/chasing experience before ever attempting to do so on your own. By viewing the material contained within, you agree that you alone are accepting responsibility for what you do with this information.

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