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Storm Chaser / Ham Operator

Dustin Cox, N0DRC
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ARRL Colorado Section Media Relations

Information for media people within the Colorado Section of the American Radio Relay League, Inc. (ARRL)
Colorado Public Relations
for Ham Radio

Colorado Section of the ARRL
Public Information Coordinator (PIC)

Ann M. Trudeau, KA0ZFI
11546 East Center Drive
Aurora, CO 80012

PSAs Currently Running
On Radio Stations in Colorado:

Tornadoes 2011 30 Sec.
Not Your Grandfathers
Women Can Be Hams Too!
What is Ham Radio?
Technical People
In The Beginning

To download one of the PSAs above right click and choose "Save Target As" or "Save Link As." To just play the PSA just left click on the PSA.If you are interested in having a PSA on your radio station please click to download one of them listed on this page or contact Dustin or Robert for a CD copy.

We do not currently have a Video PSAs on any Colorado TV stations. If you are a representitive of a Colorado TV Station and would be willing to run a 30 second  video PSA on your station please contact Ann Trudeau.

Attention Media Persons for TV news channels, newspapers, and radio stations in Colorado. Would you like to have a interview with a live ham operator? Do you want to feature a story about how ham have helped and can help in the community? If so please contact one of the public information specialists above. Live demonstrations are available also.

This page is being updated all the time so please check back often to see any updates that we have done.

Some information on this page has been used with permission from the American Radio Relay League (ARRL) Headquarters. To visit the original content please click the link below. Thanks!


ARRL's newest campaign shows how Makers and Hackers are using Amateur Radio as a tool in "Do It Yourself" projects, making many new and exciting electronics! More info can be found at the link below:


Click below for the current edition of CONTACT!

Click the graphic above to see the index of current monthly news articles.

Current Press Releases from Dustin N0DRC
Ham Radio License Exam in Pueblo, CO [PDF]

Videos About Ham Radio by the ARRL

30 Second Hello PSA [FLV]

College PSA [FLV]

4 Minute Hello Video [FLV]

KATRINA - The Untold Story
*Note* This is a 5 minute video, with coments from our served agency representatives,by Richard Lubash is great for meetings with community leaders. You will need a new version of Apple's Quicktime (free program and very much worthwhile at Apple) to see it and the file is 52 megs long. But it's wonderful! Right click and choose "save as."

Emergency Communications video PSA
EmComm (MP4)
Emergency PSA [FLV]

DVD copies are available for broadcast and cable TV.

Here is a entire list of PSAs for
radio stations

CD copies are available for radio broadcast stations.

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